July 29, 2006

Reynolds on the MSM Spinning the Seattle Shooting

With Tim McVeigh they were happy to generalize guilt, all the way from the NRA to Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. Here, the "climate of opinion" in subcultures producing terrorists seems to get less attention, or to be processed in more of a "why do they hate us?" fashion. I wonder why?

It's certainly a mystery. More here.

Posted by Attila Girl at July 29, 2006 08:55 PM | TrackBack

One side of the MSM media's brain is out to lunch. Has to be. A perfect example is today's NY Times article on the shooting, which waits until the FOURTH paragraph to mention that the idiot shooter was Muslim. And then only in a quote by the police.

Posted by: clyde at July 30, 2006 01:02 PM

The spin works the other way as well. Some just want to focus on the fact that the guy was a muslim.
There are one billion muslims in the world, in United states alone the statistics say that 25% of the population has some diognosable disorder. Six percent have serious disorders. The stats on suicide is also alarming, about one percent of all deaths are suicide, and we are not even counting attempted suicide and prevented suicides. So now take one percent of 1,000,000,000 people that comes out to 10,000,000 muslims that will commit suicides just based on simple statistics. Now if six percent of the population has serious disorders we are dealing with 60 million muslims who are very crazy people. Some of which are ready to die for no reason. Some do not even are able to make up a reason. Now add into the mix factors like loss of family members, loss of job, alcohol and drug problems, war, shock and awe. These factors will make it murder-suicide. Clearly we are not seeing the numbers of crazed muslims who should be committing acts of violence upon themselves and others.
By the way the one percent figure is per year and it is usually more than one percent.
I am surprised at how few muslims actually make it to the news since about sixty million of them commit suicide, and some take others with them in the process. I think that the media is doing a terrible job of covering this serious problem in our community (the earth)

Posted by: azzerism at July 30, 2006 09:54 PM

May be it is because these suicide attempts are a huge bid for attention and the media just does not want to cave into their desires for attention. My request to the media is to please report all the millions of suicides. We especially would like to hear about the seriously mentally ill that commit murder suicide, once these numbers are exposed the mental community will start to treat this problem and maybe we will find a cure. As it stands the media and its silence is preventing the cure for this terrible disease and we are stigmatizing a religion when in actuality this is a human problem.

Posted by: azzerism at July 30, 2006 09:59 PM

Azzerism, what would you say about people who:

1) aggrandize suicide, and tell young people that if they take others with them they will bring glory to their families;

2) promise sensual/sexual delights in the next life to those who commit murder/suicides here, provided they kill enough innocents; and/or

3) give money to the families of young people who kill themselves while killing Jews, Christians, Americans, and other "infidels"?

Posted by: Attila Girl at July 30, 2006 10:37 PM

I would say you are describing the US Army. Or for that matter any Army.
Lets see 2500 dead soldiers, who bring glory to their families? (you mean pain hurt and sadness? lets not forget the damage to thse sons or daughter who will grow up without a father or mother) One out of hundred, will die, If you are going into a ride and they tell you one out of hundred do not come back is that suicidal? 10 out of hundred injured, where is the glory? Well we have a parade in their honor and when they go to the bar the girls will throw themselves at them. and sit on their wheelchairs on the dance floor.

I know the US army does not talk about sensual pleasures in the next life, Because they do not believe in the next life. But they sure want to make joining the Army sexy, the appeal of the macho male and the uniform, the thrill of the kill and the risk of losing ones life for glory and freedom and higher ideals, that get my blood going and I would join if they would let me join. Have you seen some of the recruiting commercials?
Now everybody knows that the US army pays very handsomely, people have gone to Iraq, came back and bought new cars with the bonus. The only difference is they have to kill innocent civillians and perhaps some so-called terrorists. Who knows who they have to kill, they just know that the job is to take some people out. And yes lets not forget the inticement of a free education. Hey its a one in hundred gamble that I would take if my life was going nowhere fast. Its better than Las Vegas!!
Now Attila what do you say about the suicidal mission your sons and daughters are being sent to, based on a false ideology. Based on an admitted mistake by the commander in chief. Would you send your educated son or daughter to die? To murder innocent people? Or to catch some crooked terrorists who are hiding among civilians.
Then I would say to you Attila that you have described yourself very clearly in that question that you pose to me. You see I would not send my daughter to a suicide mission, she will be playing tennis, and getting an education.
I would never intice her with sensual delights, I am hoping she grows up in pakistan and avoids all the teenage sex. And finds a mate when she is ready to be in a committed relationship. Furthurmore, my daughter or son will grow to respect and preserve life. No they will never carry a gun or point one in anyone elses direction. That initself is suicidal, cause the target sometimes fires back!
Also I will teach my kids that after life is a metaphor, designed to teach some un-evolved humans the path to righteousness.
And those people who actually believe in the next life are pretty flakey, something like Shirley Maclain (who by the way I adore and has been my teenage crush all my life)

Now if you are trying to suggest that there are actually desperate people who give up their lives for a lot less than what the US Army has to offer, I would seriously question their sanity. And send the US army recruits to learn the registaration techniques, hey we could cut our defense budget to 1/10 the cost if we could find soldiers willing to die for 1/10th the price.
Maybe The US army should hire Shirley and we could have some after life stuff going on here.
Hey lets hire some Muzzies and get them on our side. Oh I said that too fast come to think of it that is exactly what we are trying to do in Iraq and Afghanistan, hiring the locals, inticing them with more money then the terrorists. Now if we could just get them to blow themselves up, the terrorists would be cooked in no time, I say we promise them 82 virgins.

Posted by: azzerism at August 4, 2006 01:07 AM

By the way, there is no word in my native language for "Irony" so I hope you will be forgiving at my feeble attempts at humour, satire etc, some of those concepts are alien to me because English is my second language, and at times it is difficult for me to articulate my thoughts clearly. I find myself thinking in a different language and then translating.
So do not take me too seriously now, I still want to be part of the Conservative Ideals. And could you please call off Darrell (the attack dog) cause I am scared he is going to rip to pieces everything I write by facts and figures and links from the internet.


Posted by: azzerism at August 4, 2006 01:43 AM

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