April 18, 2006


Someone put some tonic water in my fucking gin. Fucking commies.

Translation: my mother just called, at 9:20 p.m., to tell me she'll be simply devastated if, when my husband and I drive up this Friday to the Bay Area for my cousin's wedding on Saturday, we stay at a hotel.

Approved places to stay: at my aunt's house; at my other cousin's condo.

Has she asked any of them if it's important to them that they put us up? No. She's getting around the imputation that she's "people pleasing" by telling me that it's her feelings, personally, that will be hurt if I "remove myself from the family." (This removal process is normally done by taking time off from work on Thursday to get one of the cars tuned up, and then taking another day off on Friday and loading the husband, his crutches, and his cast into his car, driving 400 miles, attending a wedding [both of us], plus a rehearsal dinner [me], and then turning around on Sunday to drive back to L.A.)

Of course, what she's asking is crazy. I want to check my husband into a hotel on Friday evening, make sure he has a nice pay-per-view to watch, and then attend the rehearsal dinner (which I found out about mere days ago).

But from my point of view, it's not just this craziness: it's every other crazy thing she's made an issue of since I was . . . well, since I was born.

"What do you want to do about it?" asks Attila the Hub.

"I want to sleep on it," I tell him. "I want to have a discussion with you tomorrow, and get your take on it. And then I want to tell her to . . ."

"So then we'll address it tomorrow, after we aren't so tired," he concludes.

"Good plan," I tell him. "Did you think of this yourself?"

Mom. How can such a sweet, wonderful whip-smart woman be such a twisted loon? Do you have to get special credentials?

Readers: you know how it is, right? If you give in on some of these crazier ideas, life turns into the "maximum security prison" experience: you're bringing them cigarettes. You're doing their laundry. (Wait . . . I already do her laundry.)

Time to set limits, I suppose.

Though I've certainly been given to understand that all mothers are somewhat crazy, and it's simply a question of degree.

I also understand that it's important to avoid matricide, because one is often judged by a jury of one's peers—all of whom somehow managed to avoid that same temptation.

I'll be 44 this summer. You'd think I'd have a handle on this by now.

I do not. What I do have is more Tanqueray to dump into my drink, thereby refreshing it and restoring to it the equilibrium I desire in my own psyche.

Policy recommendations: don't answer the phone after 9:00. It is either some friend who wants you to play psychotherapist to him/her, or a parent, who would like you to do something truly self-destructive to prove your love.

Just let the machine pick it up.

Posted by Attila Girl at April 18, 2006 08:51 PM | TrackBack


Parents get their revenge for your teen years after you hit 30. My wife and I never, ever, answer the phone after 10; often we unplug the upstairs phone and just have the answering machine get it.

The only time this does not apply is when I'm off working (such as now). My hours are irregular and offset by nine.

Go stay at the hotel; your family doesn't have a hot tub. Point this out to your mom and invite either her or some relatives you can stand over to soak after the rehearsal dinner. See-you are the one promoting togetherness now and mom is being unreasonable for trying to shoehorn you into a space that doesn't provide any "extras" for the family.

Note - I have used this ploy on my mom successfully.

Good Luck!
SGT Dave

Posted by: SGT Dave at April 18, 2006 09:55 PM

You are right! What more do you need?

AttilaGirl's mom: Nobody wants or needs visitors with all the hub-bub going on. Besides, your daughter has a coupon for the hotel that's just about to expire. Do you want to see it go to waste? Today's rules? Offer relatives a place to stay:Hope they have the common sense not to accept the offer.

Bring cigs? I wish I had a family like that!

Posted by: Darrell at April 18, 2006 10:00 PM

I don't ever answer the phone. Period.

Saves a lot of grief.

Posted by: Desert Cat at April 18, 2006 10:38 PM

Getting older doesn't really help when dealing with mom.

No matter how old you get she's still mom.

Posted by: tommy at April 19, 2006 06:26 AM

I am glad you decided not to test the UK judicial system with their "juries of your peers." Here, we have "fair and impartial" juries. I would have mentioned that yesterday, but I didn't want you to "fly off the handle."

Posted by: Darrell at April 19, 2006 07:50 PM

No--she doesn't smoke (though my aunt does). I'm referring to the situation in a maximum-security prison wherein one becomes the "punk" (sometimes, "bitch") of a stronger inmate and has to wash their laundry and fetch them packs of smokes.

Posted by: Attila Girl at April 19, 2006 08:57 PM

All moms are nuts. Mine has long conversations with herself. What's worse is it's rubbing off on me. Mine just aren't as long.

I can't imagine taking care of her. One of us would die either by murder or suicide.

Posted by: Sean Hackbarth at April 19, 2006 11:30 PM

Because of how evil the amerinazis have made America, Jesus Christ has removed His blessing. Can't you tell? http://www.deanberryministries.org/index3.h*ml

Posted by: DEAN BERRY -- REAL AMERICAN at April 20, 2006 12:18 AM

Hey, Dean, buddy, pal. Got a question. You know your statement is a fact because of...what?

Did JC or the Big Guy come down and reveal this to you? or are you...guessing?

Word to the wise: don't get pulled before the Judgement Seat and get asked why you presumed to speak for G*d.

Posted by: I R A Darth Aggie at April 20, 2006 07:18 AM

The Left and Christianity--sort of like drinking and driving, wouldn't you say? Ohhhh, Dean! How come you haven't been 'rounded up' yet? Not worth the effort? You're on to something with that "Bush=Hitler" analogy...I've never heard that before. I think you can use a vacation. I hear that Iran is nice this time of the year. I can give you the GPS co-ordinates for some places you just gotta see! WWJD? Beat you to death with the jawbone of an ass...maybe your own.

Posted by: Darrell at April 20, 2006 08:50 AM

I feel your pain. My mom, for many years, has done the same sorts of things -- imposing on other people in the name of faux hospitality, using guilt trips, etc.

Grin and bear it . . . and learn the joys of strong whiskey therapy.

P.S. Originally, I used the word "mo**er" instead of "mom" and got my comment blocked. What's up with that?

Posted by: MrSpkr at April 20, 2006 11:27 AM

I had to make this comment to get my previous one released from "Limbo." What a crazy system!

LMA, I got your prison analogy. But I do think it's always a good idea to have cigarettes, just in case. And always avoid bending over in the shower--even if you dropped your soap!

Posted by: Darrell at April 20, 2006 11:39 AM

I like Sgt. Dave's approach! It's smart and polite and firm. It gets the job done! All at the same time.

I'm not sure I'd have been as gentle with her.

Ultimately, it's simple:


Just say no.

It's your life. You're in charge. She has no right to tell you what to do, whether directly or by manipulation.

In fact, since you seem to be dealing with a sort of recovering sadist here, I could even argue you have not only the perfect right - but also the responsibility - to say No.

Not fair on you, I think, but that's the mom you got so it can't be helped. One of those things life does to us, sometimes.

Posted by: k at April 20, 2006 01:10 PM

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